Chris Kowal, Ph.D.


Chris is the Managing Partner of Engineered Culture. Chris is an expert in effective communication, emotions, influence, and motivation. Working with companies and individuals, Chris specializes in leadership skills, effective communication and speaking, emotional intelligence, sales training, and team building.

Chris was a former college professor with Purdue University and the University of Michigan. At Purdue he created a well respected and recognized Center for Professional Selling. Chris has worked with manufacturing and technology corporations such as NOV and HP as well as associations within the financial sector and numerous Chamber of Commerce's. His research and insights have been featured on numerous international, national, and local media outlets. Chris has been an invited writer for Huffington Post, the Guardian, and LinkedIn. 

Sarah Cook Yates


An independent consultant working with nonprofit, educational, and community-based organizations to change lives, improve circumstances, and make a difference. If you are looking for a seasoned professional to help you meet your goals, Sarah offers the following services: Grant writing and grant management, strategic planning and meeting facilitation, project management, research and report development, and policy research and analysis.

Sarah's areas of expertise include empowering people with disabilities, improving public health, delivering quality medical care, educating children and adults, promoting creativity, and historical preservation. Sarah has worked with local, state, and national-level nonprofit, educational, and community-based organizations as well as individual educators and practitioners.

Previously of ao Strategies, NACCHO, and The Arc, Sarah is a proud graduate of the Georgetown University Law Center and Oakland University.